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  1. they fucked up really big and those "btt community" reddit guys dont even know what is happening for real
  2. Stopped a while ago. Fuck BTT
  3. They have no competence, this project is doomed to fail in my eyes sooner or later
  4. let us know if they get back to you
  5. because the whole market went down (BTC is main player in market) They are trying to not let people sell so it wouldint go down even more only those it market are being able to do something with theyr coins Im gona sell all this shit as soon as they opens exchange fuck BTT forever, these things are inexcusable
  6. Because they are doing this on purpose, back in old days everyone use to do that to keep price of theyr coin up. As soon as market stabilizes they will be like oh the maintenance is done now thank you for your patience, and to that i say fuck you BTT In the mean time i gonna short the shit of BTT coin
  7. Shitty, more than 60% lost into nothing
  8. They simply dont give a fuck no updates on info n shit im furious at this point
  9. Stopped seeding completely for the moment, they have no competence at all.
  10. Yep told you, they should be investigated by institutions for this mess
  11. i got 20k and they still cant fix it....