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  1. The funny thing is that the BTT-in app transaction to the BTT-on chain has completed but there is no BTT in the on-chain wallet.S h i.......t
  2. In that wallet there are 4 million BTT, I still can't withdraw anything.
  3. yep! this wallet :TA1EHWb1PymZ1qpBNfNj9uTaxd18ubrC7a has millions BTT , I still can't move from in-app to on-chain. that sh......t
  4. Can't withdraw BTT even if this wallet:TA1EHWb1PymZ1qpBNfNj9uTaxd18ubrC7a has millions of BTT in it. F...c...k
  5. the important thing is still not withdrawing BTT
  6. No, it's gone and never comes back
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