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  1. Well, at least now after a new hardware upgrade and fresh windows installation, I was able to restore properly my In App ballance from the previous windows installation, all in all it is "ok" for now, I'm waiting to transfer my little gains like the others...if that's even an option, whatever, whenever, fine by me.
  2. Justin Sun is more into BTFS scamm nowadays, if you check Bittorrent's Medium and Twitter you will see that they don't give a fuck about Bittorrent Speed....
  3. At this point, it has become more profitable to mine Shiba Inu, so...
  4. Not to mention the daylight robberies, 12,5 K BTT in app STOLEN from me and only God knows how much more was stolen from other peers.
  5. Now it's updated here as well, lib: v2.1.1.1646. But, I have another problem, since the last time when I've installed BTT Speed (June 16th), I can't access my historical stats for earnings and spendings.
  6. On my gigabit I'm downloading the latest Bittorrent Speed installer with an "impressive" 25 KB/s speed. I look forward as well to see what they're up to....Unless they're giving back my 12.5 K stolen BTT, it's only lies and more lies. Edit: @Dex I don't even know how you've managed to update your setup, but for me the md5 checksum is the same for the btweb_installer.exe downloaded today and the one which I've downloaded on June 16th. The md5 checksum is: 815007bef757c9a51fa601796a0d11d6
  7. All the hope was gone when they took our earnings and told us that our earnings are not our earnings...there is no hope...they are not doing anything...and if they're doing something they're very very bad at doing it and promoting it....I predict BTT to 0.00001 $ and TRX to 0.0001 $ by the end of the year if this is how they intend to go on...also, I've stopped seeding all my bandwith demanding public files way passed ratio 1.0, because for now I see no real reason to seed those...
  8. And now they took everything. Today I have literally 0 BTT in App, I should have more than 18.5 K. Give me back my hard earned BTT, THIEVES!
  9. I mean, the way I see it, either something huge happens today or it might as well be the beginning of the end for BTT and all the other crypto's associated with the tron blockchain. We shall see today if the whole overdelayed maintenance thing will be a huge success or an epic failure for Justin Sun. Because It makes no sense whatsoever to piss people off like that by disabling the exchange for so many days unless you really have something very serious planned. If they did nothing at all during this maintenance, they might as well put gas on fire and let the whole thing burn down to ashes. Again, as far as I'm concerned, I really don't care too much about what happens next, I haven't spent a dime on crypto, never will.
  10. We've been expecting major changes for a month now. Since it takes so long, everything should run flawlessly after the maintenace, as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Most of my gains from yesterday ( I've made around 132 BTT yesterday leaving 1700+ torrents seeding), now I see that somehow you've stole 102 BTT from me, because the total balance shows xx.033,xxx instead of xx,135,xxx (yes, for safety reasons, from now on I will not disclose my exact balance or my public address...I can't trust thieves, sorry. I don't care about answers like: wait, it will come back or whatever...all I know that ever since this so called "maintenance" my gains dropped significantly, I was gaining even 2k BTT on my good days, and no less than 350 BTT in the worst days...but now I've made only 132 BTT yesterday and you still decide to steal these little earnings from me? Understand that YOUR MAINTENANCE DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING UNLESS PEOPLE KNOW OFFICIALLY WHAT'S GOING ON...anyone can spread rumours based on anything...in one day I hear that Poloniex is under investigation because of Justin Sun's investment... or that you're integrating BTT directly with binance...on another day I hear that there might be an entry in the crypto market from Apple in partnership with Tron later this year and that Carl Icahn has invested into BTT/TRX...these words don't mean anything unless they're official... Quit your shenanigans already!!! And give me my BTT back plus a good compensation for all the mess that you've caused with your so called maintenance...not just for me, but to everyone else involved.
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