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  1. Finally somebody that aint fuckin stupid to believe out-of-their-ass talkers here and on the reddit pages.
  2. So it's 23.06 and we finally got the updated wallet which was released on 13.06. We can expect exchange being up, up to 2 weeks after they say that it is up. My earning candles are none, tokens are being added tho.
  3. I'm sooo curious how they push those updates. Mine is still ..What the fuck. Also is the option from in-app to arbitrary trx address available in the new wallet, because there was a message about that, which was deleted later on.
  4. Version 2.0.18 still isn't ver 2.1.1.. Also according to their release info there isn't 2.0.18 version at all - what's listed there is ver. 2.0.8 which could be taken as 2.0.18 but ain't accurate.
  5. Well... Even the version thing is confusing, beacuse according to the published versions on bittorrent website. It doesn't match the actuall versions. They say that new wallet has been released and on improvements it says that transfers to arbitrary addresses should be working - that ain't true tho'. They are pulling some Pro Confusion moves, can't wrap my head around it.
  6. WoW. If you seed torrents just for the sole reason to earn some BTT - then the smart choice is to stop. Withdrawal of tokens is currently disabled, there isn't any official info since 18th of March and price is constantly dropping. There is some actual code push, that looks like Binance integration on the way. However there isn't any clear indicator that it will work properly or work at all in the end. So if you seed only to earn some BTT, it's better to stop your clients from running, at least until they enable the exchange service and transfers to on-chain. As far as I could dig into the code, there isn't anything unusual about it - however that doesn't guarantee that those few lines of code will ever be integrated and released, it could just be some automatic order generation to dump their tokens onto BTT/BNB pair on Binance. - This is just speculation tho' I'm not putting my head on the table. I'm still seeding, however the option for Speed Initialization is turned off. Where I'm from torrents are widely popular - so there is always Need for Seed. I seed for the benefit of others. BTT earnings were just nice bonus for my effort. This ain't the case anymore but whatever.
  7. I also have my concerns about this... I just didn't have time last night, I'll check the available code to see what it actually does. Because by just looking at a few fragments I can't be sure about anything. There is the fact that tokens are being moved on portions /quite large to be honest/ and they end up on TRC20 Address from Binance. I'm going to check some other stuff about those wallets and that Binance Integration code. I won't put my trust in few lines of code where the called functions have "Binance" included in their names. If any of you guys has previous experience with Binance API Library, feel free to investigate on your own, we could cover more ground and exchange information and results.. I'm still have the feeling something ain't right. It may be just my paranoia tho' and Integration is on it's way to us, who knows? I certainly don't! So I'll try to keep you guys posted on the progress, let's hope that by the time I start diggin' they've released it or at least post something Officially. I'm off now, stay safe.
  8. Oh, I totally forgot to check out the webUI code through inspection tool. Did you manage to follow through that /Binance Integration/ code fragment to see what it does exactly? I'll check it later myself anyway, thanks for the hint budd.
  9. I'll be more than happy to be proven wrong bruh, it would be usefull if you provide any ground for those claims of yours, cuz you seem confident - while everyone of us here are left in the dark somehow for some reason. Read last post on 1st page of this thread. I'm the only one here that is poking into the hornets nest by saying such things. I'm expressing my concerns about the whole thing. Nobody is proving me wrong by any solid logic or with any official information/update being provided. Just some randos who talk like they know the devs and speak to them on daily basis - the messiah's. It doesn't really matter if you earn BTT, at this moment you can't really move your earnings out. So if you start earning like 1million BTT per week, you'll be even more frustrated - being unable to extract your tokens to on-chain address. Also nobody knows what is going on really. There are few here that talk like they know something and are trying to reassure the rest that everything will be fixed and running very soon, we should just wait for it. I don't want to hurt the feelings of anybody. My apologies to anyone who would feel offended by my opinion and point of view. My intention is to spark conversation that could lead to something positive. Discussing protocol and system flaws, decentralization model, control over funds and so on could be only beneficial for everyone involved in the project. So let's empower each other.
  10. Boy if I could drain away peoples coins and sell them now.. I'll buy then back when they reach lower price and return the coins back. Taking for myself clean profit. I do not know how market works? Bruh, I've seen shit... When BTC down everything down, yeah that's true. However we can clearly see that there are TONS of BTT moved last few weeks out of the MAIN BTT SPEED WALLET - that has to pay our earnings - like millions upon millions of BTT, transactions go IN and OUT in seconds and wallet is empty again - that means they are not manually generated. Tokens that leave the wallet go through few addresses and all end up in 1 address. By looking at it - it really looks like one of the Binance address cluster. So, If could sell your 1000BTT at 0.008 and buy those 1000BTT at 0.001 and return them to you - it ain't gonna anger you cuz you have your 1000BTT even if their price is 0.001$ instead of 0.008$ right? Those 0.007$ profit per token are my clean profit - without investment - get it? Now if I have token at 0.01$ and the opportunity to transfer and sell unlimited amount of tokens, that I didn't pay, earned, mined or whatever - just the tokens earned by other miners/ seeders, by disabling the transfer service for them - and making it automatic so they can't withdraw and you can - then draining their earned BTT and selling it at high price and doing that repeatedly with almost unlimited amount of tokens - amounts sold at 0.01$ could be bough back for 1/10 of their price at 0.001$ - can you catch my drift? I've seen scams, pumps, dumps and so on during the years - almost 9+ years. Market trends are one thing, what we have here - whole another story. Do whatever you want - I'm here to express my concerns and share my thought with the others. And I wont change my mind on the topic until some real explanations, fixes or any relevant information given by Dev Team, that PR guy Techster or whatever. Who by the way was online on 18.05.21 and from that point on - silence.
  11. More likely they are dumping our coins since 0.008$ price tag, little by little each day. Then eventually when market calms down and price gets stable they'll rebuy at lower price point - let's say 0.004$ - that means : Selling 100k$ worth of BTT would be bought back for 50k$ - leaving 50k$ clean as baby ass profit. If they bother to do even that, by the looks. Also price is down by 50%, we here can't transfer out - so we can't sell - that means somebody is selling - there is no big investor that would put any big money in this project - therefore there is no whale that could dump tokens for dayz, BTT price per TRX has dropped also - wich is clear indicator that someone is dumping on BTT/TRX pair. Read above, nothing strange at all. Even that boy techster hasn't shown after the ToS update to tell us "we worken hurr durr" .
  12. No. They've kind of responded to everything with their ToS changes. Look them up carefully there are multiple red flags and basically say that they can't be held accountable for any reason at all nor should we expect anything in return for our "participation" in the project. So.. Unless some miracle happens out of nowhere.. Pack your stuff boys, clean your computers and run as far as possible. Someone already is doing so with all those BTT being moved to questionable addresses the last few weeks. If anybody got anything out of this whole shatshow, then you are a winner! That is my conclusion. And Oh, Mighty Devs if you decide to prove that wrong, now is the time to shine bright like a diamonds. Mudstones.
  13. If transaction is not showing on tronscan (failed/completed) then there was no transaction ordered to begin with. I can't really tell what is going on, but it doesn't look good no matter how hard I try to bring any sense to all of this.
  14. Do you see it as a transaction on tronscan? If it ain't there, then your transaction didn't even happend. It was neither complete nor failed or canceled. Simply there was no transaction and I don't see how this is even possible.. It looks like it ain't even trying to transact but UI responds like it does - very strange indeed. Also Pet.Dinko did you read the ToS that they pushed today... I'm currently reading into it, there could be some hidden doors they could use to get out of lawsuit. We should deff, check those and see what's going on. Let's empower each other and either get our money or leave this project to rot spreading awareness about it.