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  1. similar happened to me. Does not motivate one to keep seeding....
  2. My public adress is : TKm9JeACg4PqToBSEyePNi5yW3hVZupHdd
  3. New Members 0 0 posts Report post Posted Monday at 01:22 PM So ive been using Utorrent with Bittorrent Speed for a few weeks mainly to earn some BTT. Shortly after i installed it i disabled ïncrease speed with BBT" So far my total earnings are 3,951 BTT and ive withdrawn 1100 . This means i should have around 2800 left right? WRONG My In app balance is only 580...what happened to the other BTT?? I only spend 31BTT total in increased speed. 2239 BTT are vanished What the is going on? This is not motivating me to continue to seed at all. im seeding 80 torrents on average 24/7 and seeded 162TB so far. Hope this is not a scam and it will be fixed.