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  1. Hello, Just transferred 2800 btt from in app to on chain and then a update came and the transactions is complete and the coins are gone ! Date & Time Amount From To Status 02/06/202113:23 2800 BTT BTT in-app BTT on-chain Complete Can someone help me ? In the last 2 weekes i try to transfer them and they came back always. Now they are gone. Help me !
  2. I have those words, but i can t find the recovery button. Can you help me ? But i have the same password this is so weird...
  3. Hello guys, I have small-big problem with btt wallet. It says "Incorrect Password", but i know my password very well. Sometimes it works random, sometimes not. Now i have almost 2 weeks and dosen t work at all. Can someone please help me ? I know my password 100% and im sure about that. Why i have this password problem? Best regards, Andrei