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  1. I have a python script running on torrent state change. Not all state changes will trigger the script. Windows 10 Home uTorrent Version: 3.5.5 (build 46020) [32-bit] Helper Options -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Run Program -> Run this program when a torrent changes state: pythonw c:\users\mrmena\scripts\ "%N" "%F" "%S" "%K" Steps to reproduce: 1 - Add torrent using magnet link 2 - Allow torrent to download to completion (seeding) 3 - Observe only 3 state changes detected by the python script (below): Checked, Queued, Connecting To Peers I am unable to get any further state changes. I would ideally like to trigger a transcoding operation when the torrent reaches the seeding state but the state change is not triggered. My python script is as follows: import sys from win32ui import MessageBox name=sys.argv[1] filename=sys.argv[2] state=int(sys.argv[3]) kind=sys.argv[4] states={ 1: "Error", 2: "Checked", 3: "Paused", 4: "Super seeding", 5: "Seeding", 6: "Downloading", 7: "Super seed [F]", 8: "Seeding [F]", 9: "Downloading [F]", 10: "Queued seed", 11: "Finished", 12: "Queued", 13: "Stopped", 17: "Preallocating", 18: "Downloading Metadata", 19: "Connecting to Peers", 20: "Moving", 21: "Flushing", 22: "Need DHT", 23: "Finding Peers", 24: "Resolving", 25: "Writing" } if state in states: state_name = states[state] else: state_name = f"Unknown state: {int(state)}" MessageBox(f"Name: {name}\nFilename: {filename}\nState: {state_name}\nKind: {kind}", "Torrent Status Change") I've had a look online for a solution but haven't found anything specific or recent. Is there something I'm missing or are there any suggestions on what I might try next? Thanks for your help