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  1. rafi: "BTW - why don't you just tell us, how may torrents are you running concurrently ? and what's you max # of connections setup ? let me guess, you have 400 active torrents , and 350 max global connections ... " I told. In the other thread @ first post... I would seed about 950 torrents. The setup in 1.9 was the same as in older clients; acitve torrents: 250, active seed: 140, with this the client downloaded only forced, but seeded every torrent. And this was a good setup for me. In 1.9 uTs it downloaded and seeded only forced ones (with same settings!). I changed these numbers to ~2000 each, and it didn't solved my problem. Is it clear now? I can't tell you this better even if I die with it. :/
  2. Firon: And why is it a problem only with 1.9 uTs?
  3. rafi: Yes. Only works if it's forced started. Normal start is not enough. And only with uT 1.9.
  4. I was told to post this here too: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=53506 Am I the only one with this problem?