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  1. I've got a new router and VPN (Surfshark) and I can't get torrenting to work. The weird thing is that I managed to download one file yesterday with no issues. After that, no dice. I've tried files with sufficient seeders, but I can't get my utorrent (3.5.5) to move past Connecting to peers. I've tried downloading with my VPN turned off, no change. I have a fairly stable connection (fiber) at 30mbps up/down. (Note- at my old place with ADSL and another router I had 10mbps, still worked with torrents, it just takes a while). Speed test says: Bandwidth Results: speed test failed. Timed out waiting for message from server (i've tried all servers, same effect) Network: Port not open (you are still able to download) Automatic port mapping is on. Firewall exceptions added, I've also tried shutting off both antivirus and firewall. I'm guessing it might be something with my router, it allows for UPnP, and it's enabled and if I log on to my router dash I can see utorrent listed there under UPnP. Getting an orange triangle at the bottom corner that says No incoming connections, could indicate an issue with network configuration. The thing is.... Internet works fine. I'm online, no problem getting to sites, no problems on my phone with wifi..... It's just torrenting! Any ideas? If it helps I have an TP-Link Archer C20. Another thing is that Utorrent loads weirdly, no ads are shown and a blue loading disc shows up next to the cursor for a bit every now and then. This is also new. I DON'T have adblock activated on my VPN, but when I activate it same thing happens. This also happens if I don't have my VPN on at all. Operating system is Win10 x64.