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  1. This was solved by having to go back through and find the specific download AGAIN - when attempted download, Utorrent stated the file was already in existence and sought sources once more. It then successfully started seeding once more. Very long process but achieved the seeding once again.
  2. My internet connection stopped, upon it returning, all seeding turned RED and no longer seeded. Seeding turned RED. Right click on file - select STOP Right click on file - select FORCE-RETEST Right click on file - select START - still RED and not seeding Confirming the file locations are the same, the drives/storage is the same, the PC is the same. I have tried to reboot the storage device, reboot the PC, disconnect from the internet and re-established the connection. When I download new files they establish and seed correctly and successfully - it is only the old ones that have an issue. I cannot get them to reseed. Appreciate any assistance - I have spent hours trying to reverse engineer and find fault.
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