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  1. Well it wasn't windows firewall, but apparently another security provider I didn't even realize was being used on my computer. Thanks for help, I'm glad I can finally use uTorrent now.
  2. I made this post before and it was taken down for a reason unknown to me, anyways, I've tried multiple times to download then setup uTorrent through the .exe. Whenever I open it to start the setup it gets deleted by my computer. I went through both windows defender firewall and My security provider(Norton), firewall tells me everything is handled through my vendor application(Norton) and still I went through it and allowed access to uTorrent(Didn't work). Then when I go to check Norton to see if its doing this I find out Norton doesn't have a problem at all with uTorrent it allows access already. So am I just blind and am missing a setting or something else entirely, I have no clue. I've checked other topics similar to mine and there usually solved by making it so uTorrent isn't quarantined by their security provider whether it be windows or etc. I've done this as well and it still doesn't work, I would really like to use uTorrent but my computer won't let me.
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