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  1. Ultima, You were directing your last message towards me?
  2. Ok I've got some bit of detail since my last post. (I'm talking about uploading..) It seems when I make a new connection to someone the speed bursts to 300kB/sec or higher. Then over the next 5-30 seconds it slows down to a crippled speed. Then after roughly 30 seconds it shoots back to 300kB/sec+ again. And then dropping again. This process repeats itself... I've noted that build 13911 works better than 14470 though. As in I'm getting higher and a bit more stable upload speeds that the newer build. But the same effect still resides.
  3. My upload speed is bouncing like crazy too every 30 seconds... Using Vista x64 SP1 ultimate uTorrent 1.9 r14470 If anyone knows a quick fix for this?