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  1. I suppose the final release will allow to restore the Categories list to its tidy classic view with plain Labels list. Without that "Find content" shit. Currently the restyled Categories pane looks bloated and it's really a huge step back in usability. btw if an App hangs or waits for data on a slow connection it also blocks the whole UI, so it must be executed in a separate thread. I suppose it's pretty obvious. Ah and btw the lower pane list became bloated as well in this development fork, I wonder why.
  2. whatever makes you happy and thank you for your excellent app.
  3. for 99.9% users _I_ know it makes uTorrent awkward... moreover it doesn't help a bit internally or so it seems judging by your info. As a wellknown wisdom says - if something works don't change it. Anyways it seems that uTorrent has already peaked in 1.85 or so.
  4. :-D Firon, that seems funny, sorry... 1. I can still open the video file directly (from Explorer) without any problems for uTorrent 2. uTorrent can lock for shared writes and still open file without troubles so you've just introduced an awkward UI handicap to be circumvented via scripters like e.g. AutoHotkey.
  5. usability regression in alpha 18581 and [can't tell how long before - was ok in 1.8.5] — now it's impossible to launch an incomplete file (!ut added) via doubleclicking in Files pane, which is a disaster for video since any player plays such videos, for example to check picture quality after downloading a few MB (prioiritize first/last enabled)
  6. unfortunately the forum has no "search in thread" or "view all pages at once", so maybe I am not the first one to mention this: 1. row height in bottom "Files" pane has been unnecessarily increased to 120%, it looks untidy. 2. how about an option to display BITrate of video, not BYTErate? I mean a separate option, not linked with overall display of speed in bits/bytes. 3. regarding new job status icons: • they look ultimately unconvincing to say the very least • alternating background color is ignored now, also when a line is selected. • 'paused' icon looks like one block, not two • 'queued' and 'stopped' pale blueish icons look almost the same because of the color choice 4. Speed Graph pane shows up after a noticeable delay (~100 ms) p.s. 2.1.18429 on xpsp3en/x86 with classic UI (no theme)
  7. erm, I suppose we'll be able to customize this new... erm... artwork? Regretfully it's not in a 'resources' section of exe... I've found headerless bmps in exe, yet messing with it is a process more detesting than the original cause. Some external bmp would be fine, just like with toolbar.