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  1. i had problems surfing net. the page refuse to finish loading, most of the web site is only displaying the title, or half loading. some web site even show 'page could not display' .closing uT will solve the problems. i using transp disposition 5 connect speed 1 tcp rate control false max halfopen 2 upnp tcp only true global con 100 con per torrent 99 upload slot 2 it is really good after uT fix their bug on forum of cannot write too many word.
  2. @rafi i was wondering the same thing why my DL/UL drop so much after i update from 2.0 to 2.0.1 or 2.1. when i playing online games, uT just drop to constant below 10kB/s on my 512kbps connection, sometime even constant below 2kB/s until i close my games. this problems wasnt there when i alpha and beta testing 2.0
  3. not just a few, i directly getting about 3-4 crashes right after it auto update, and every time i restart pc, same getting about 3-4 crashes. but everything work fine though after that, if only i dont restart pc again. noticable slower DL speed compare to build 18683. using the new utp header, when i play online games, it directly drop to below 10kB/s and after finish playing, it take a very long time to raise to about 20kB/s while my connection speed is 512kbps. while it used to near max speed even though i playing.
  4. I always get the same warning about uTorrent when i download the installer using firefox itself, but it seem like it only happen when i download the installer using firefox build in download sometime only. using download manager will not happen such cases, it is seem like firefox had problems download file from here. edit: i am also using Avira, i know that it is false alarm, but why incomplete download will resulting antivirus detect it as malware or trojan?
  5. why forum keep had problems when i trying to post long message? so, i keep it short, i had slow download speed in the latest 2 build. Vchat20 had longer word then my, but why i cant post instead?
  6. after checking with nslookup, i found out that it is the DNS address of utorrent, so it check for updates i guess. that is the very reason i dont like firewall that block too many thing.
  7. same problem with nachotronics. i follow what he say and delete the torrentbox udp tracker, and it fixed. it was fine yesterday when i start downloading this torrent until 88%, but today when i start utorrent, it crash.
  8. no error message, the page just go all blank (white) after a LONG loading, while i can still access forum smoothly, it seem like just the posting system.
  9. each time only few lines is allow only? (13 means, allow incoming TCP and uTP connections, but only make outgoing TCP connections) If i set bt.transp_disposition to 13, what exactly uTP function will be lost? Will I still getting uTP download although the peer is no longer have [uTP] beside its IP and P beside its Flags?
  10. what is wrong with the forum? just when i think the forum function back.. few lines also cant post... This is what arvid (BitTorrent Developer) say in early 2009 That is probably caused by the router having a too small UDP pinhole table, and the way it handles an overflow is by crashing. The reason why this is a new problem in uTorrent 1.9 is because it uses uTP (which is a transport on top of UDP)
  11. Ever since uTorrent implement uTP, my modem will still crash despite i using low number of connections. Is there any way (setting) that can enjoy uTP and avoid router crashing edit: finally can post at least something useful, after TONs of trying, must have something wrong with the forum.
  12. restart the computer is the easiest way to stop many unusual thing, but it is better to submit any crash dumps and process log to the developer to avoid any similar problems to happen again.
  13. advanced there added many new thing, is there any manual or mind to explain ?
  14. using "bt.transp_disposition = 10" when got set download and upload global limit will somehow slow down the uTP download. if i set both to 0, which is unlimited, both download and upload will suddenly jump from half and maxed out my connection. with this beta,the limiter is not working. it behave just like unlimited, it will max out upload speed, no matter what bt.transp_disposition you using, which will cause slow down to download where ACK packets is delayed i think. even using cFosSpeed, using priority to send ACK packets also wont working, and will slow down web site loading very much. it seem to be like ignoring the prioritising protocals and programs and keep uploading as much as it can. at first the reason i using this beta rather then previous alpha is because of faster download in mixed mode. but now i can only do very little thing as downloading torrent are resulting in delays and transfer-rate slowdowns. making me now had to close uT to have a smooth surfing and play online game.
  15. now many of the people using modem / router that have small UDP pinhole table, as it overflow it might crash or etc. by arvid The reason why this is a new problem in uTorrent 1.9 is because it uses uTP (which is a transport on top of UDP), you can disable this by setting the bt.transp_disposition to 13. (13 means, allow incoming TCP and uTP connections, but only make outgoing TCP connections). now i using bt.transp_disposition "13" and use low global max connection, as it rarely crash now.