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  1. I can't see it in the change log, but it looks like you guys implemented my request in the latest version. A huge thank you to you!
  2. "Show current speed in title bar" is working now but I'd like to suggest a change. It would be a lot more useful if the download and upload speeds were displayed at the start of the title, and in shorter form. That way we could monitor the speed by a quick look at the tab in our browser, and it is the way the option works in µTorrent itself. For example: Instead of the title being "µTorrent WebUI v0.360 - Download: x.x kB/s | Upload: x.x kB/s" it would be better if it was "D:x.x k U:x.x k - µTorrent WebUI v0.360". This would make the WebUI near-perfect to me.
  3. This new version is great! Thanks for all the hard work. May I ask how the "Show current speed in the title bar" option is going to work? It doesn't seem to do anything just yet, but I would love it if it meant the page title could somehow show the current speeds, much like the main app does on the task bar.
  4. Much goodness. It's great to see this go final at last.
  5. Yay! Excellent! Woohoo! 1.5!
  6. Those are the same changes as the (non-public) builds 429 and 430, that's why he said it.
  7. Build 431 is out and public. Seems the tab icon size has been shrunk like several people suggested.
  8. I've not had any hashfails in 700MB of data with build 427 (all 1MB piece sizes). I wonder if a setting is effecting it?
  9. So that's a yes to my question then. Thanks.
  10. Could someone in the know answer this for me: If I'm using the read cache feature and my statistics show it as being 33% effective, does that mean that 1/3 of all my uploading from this session has come from the cache?
  11. µTorrent is pretty much perfect to me now. Thanks for a brilliant program.