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  1. Wow! Awesome application! I agree with tjobo, being able to ctrl+a to select all in the torrent list would be great and an option to control what the search bar filters (it would be nice to be able to filter by torrent name in particular). Maybe a little drop down menu after it? The other thing I think that needs to be added is an indication of which server you are currently connected to. Maybe in the title bar, as well as a check in the drop down list that lets you switch between servers in the toolbar? The only things I really miss are some sort of interface for the utorrent preferences, and a side pane on the left with a list of labels, and downloading/completed/active/inactive. I also think it would be neat if you could right click on the systray icon and/or the status bar in the app and set the max download/upload speeds like you can with utorrent. That said, thanks a ton! Great app, I'm loving what you are doing with it