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  1. Ultima I read that uTP helped to avoid shaping with some providers so I thought it will help in my case as well (TCP shaping, I suspect its Sandvine), because as i said earlier FTP works just fine
  2. is there anyway to avoid torrent traffic shaping in my situation (as i said i disabled everything: DHT, Scrape, Lola Peers and other things)
  3. point is that ISP doesn't limit any other traffic/ FTP works fine @ 6-8Megabytes/sec (100mbit line), but torrent speed drops after 15minutes of use to 100-150KBytes which is unacceptable for me, so i thought new alpha will help me out with that(TOR network is 2 slow)
  4. everything disabled. but still TCP traffic
  5. hi guys, I enabled uTP in utorrent (set corresponding value to 10), but monitoring im still seeing TCP traffic and my ISP throttling me? maybe i do smth wrong? I use latest alpha on Vista x64