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  1. Slackware torrents connect normally so it must be an issue with the private tracker as I noticed the tracker status is "Updating" when torrents are added. When it finishes updating is when I start connecting. I spoke to the support team of my private tracker and they said the tracker had been updated a few weeks ago which is when the issue started
  2. I am already using build 45660. I tried changing magnet.download_wait to 0 but it didn't fix the issue. Also my torrent site doesn't use magnet links
  3. I tried these, same issue. I had pre allocation checked as when I used your settings I was getting a disk overload error. So I followed an online guide and changed a few settings which solved my disk overload issue, one of which was pre allocation of files. The other settings were changing diskio.use_partfile to False and enlarging the Base Cache to 1024MB. Would any of these settings fix the 60 seconds connection delay? -
  4. DHT & PEX need to be disabled for my private tracker. If I use a public tracker I will enable DHT and PEX. I'm getting full speeds, so no issues there. The only issue now is that it takes around 60 seconds to connect. When I add a torrent it will sit like this for 60 seconds: Then after 60 seconds it will download as per normal:
  5. I got slackware torrents working - I had to enable DHT and PEX. These settings I always have disabled for my private torrent tracker
  6. What firewall settings would be best to use?
  7. Thanks for the reply. I used your settings and I am now getting full speeds again. Although, what I have noticed is it takes torrents a long time to start connecting to peers even though the peers are shown. The torrents will sit "Finding Peers" for 60 seconds before connecting. Any idea why this might be? Also, for some reason I can't download slackware torrents, tracker shows "No Connection". My private torrent tracker works fine...
  8. Hi all, I am on a 100/40 FTTH connection - I sync at 95Mbps and I can download from Apple at 11.5MB/s. When I torrent from my private tracker I can't get more than 7-8MB/s stable even though the torrents have >1000 seeds and <10 peers. If I have 1 torrent downloading it will be @ 7MB/s, if I add another torrent they will both download at 3.5MB/s, 3 torrents will download @ around 2.6MB/s each etc. I've also noticed that torrents will only connect to a max of 75 seeds per torrent - is this normal even though I have much higher connection limits set? I am using version 3.5.5 Any help would be great!