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  1. Thanks for noting that. I've noticed what I think might be another bug, as well. When I set a value for "Seed While Ratio is: <= x%" in the Queuing tab of the Preferences dialog, it appears not to affect seeding as I'd expect. For instance, setting the value to 100% doesn't cause seeding to cease for torrents at a ratio value of 1.000. Or am I misundertanding the intention? Perhaps to do with the ration expressed as a percentage in the dialog and as a decimal value in the main screen?
  2. First, thanks for an outstanding piece of work. I seem to be unable to add torrents using Magnet URIs, in the Web UI. They add fine via the Windows client (and also show up immediately on the Web UI when added via the Windows client). What I'm doing is pasting the Magnet URI into the Torrent URL field of the Add Torrent dialog. Am I doing something wrong? I realise that Bassboy asked a similar question a few months ago -- I'm just chiming in in case it isn't exactly the same issue