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  1. Some feedback on 3.4 (30127) which I just tried out for the first time (on XPsp3): In the torrent list, the Name of the selected torrent is not readable, due to the text color being black. For all other columns, the text color is white. The background color of the selected row is dark blue, which is why the black text is not readable. The icon for the Start button is now a circular arrow, which in all my other applications means "reload" or "refresh". When I first used 3.4, I wondered where the Start button went to (I have text labels turned off). IMO, the current icon is misleading. The old icon is far more accurate as to what this button does. The icon for the Stop button is now a Stop sign. This makes sense, but on my 1600x1200 desktop, its so tiny that the icon looks more like a circle than an octagon, and again I wondered where the the button went to. The old square icon was much clearer (easier to read) as to what this button does. The Pause button has been removed. I use this button all the time, and would prefer to keep this on the toolbar if at all possible. Yes this function is on the context menu, but that's just not handy for something so commonly used.