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  1. it realy have problem when make seed i use 1.9 make seed after made auto start seeding show 100% when hash check only 99.9%~~ if use 1.8.2 make seed after made auto start seeding show 100% after hash check also 100%~~ try many times already hope take notes thanks you~
  2. oic thanks for explaination i found that 659 ver have propotional speed with dl and up examplewhen i upload 40k dl is 80k up30k dl 60k up20k dl40k izit this is also the feature that contain @659ver ?
  3. oic i checked 659 ver the bt trans diposition had change to 15 may i know what is 15 mean?
  4. Firon 1.9 beta got problem when make seed after make seed it auto seed show 100% when u upload all peer only can download until 99.9% i feel curious then go hash check my 100%torrent after hash check it show 99.9% only when i use utorrent1.8.2 dun have this problem hope can correct it thanks you