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  1. What happened to label based folders in 3.3?
  2. I think its time for someone to re-write a lightweight torrent client to replace uTorrent. How scummy can you get? Selling ads over pirated content? What is this megaupload? You guys are digging your own grave. Don't be cocky, giants fall hardest. Bittorrent will succeed with or without you guys. At this point, I'm looking forward to a new leader of the swarm. I vow never to use uTorrent again, loudly and vocally, encouraging everyone I know to opt for a non-scumbag torrent client.
  3. I have been running this form months now without any problems. Sometimes utorrent will be open without a tray icon, and I can t open it, but that was happening for me on the 32 bit version too. Thanks guys!
  4. No. What about flags in .btskin files? When I do this, it seems like all the domains are incorrectly identified. I have to keep the flag files separately in %appdata% for them to work. Is this normal or am I not doing it right?
  5. I have one question and a bug I think I found: Is this the default collection of flags and host configuration included in uTorrent? Also, placing these file into a btskin file causes the all the flags to identify incorrectly. Is there a way around that?