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  1. I have tried the new 14908 build but unfortunately as already reported this build is ignoring the Global Upload limits, manually, automatic, per torrent or otherwise. It completely hogs my Internet connection, everything else is so slow. Even QoS on the router doesn't seem to slow it down. Just to note enabling QoS on my router with previous 14589 build did slow it down. I have had to fall back to the 14589 build. I use Windows7 x64.
  2. I have been using alpha build 14589 for a while now and it has been quite stable on my windows7 i7 box. I find the uTP/bandwith_control or whatever is responsible for the link/ISP congestion control outstanding. So good in fact that I don't use the scheduler anymore and still don't get complaints from the wifey about slow internets. Recently I tried the 14659 build but it seems to have issues with download AND upload speed. I have always been able to max out my upload but not with this build. I tried changing the value of bt.transp_disposition to values other than 255 without improvement. I have rolled back to the previous build.