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  1. hi, I have to use uTP only, my isp seems to block my connections if i use tcp too. All is well this way but overhead is kinda huge. Is it any better in the alpha? (2.1) I'm fine with this anyway, just asking. (by huge i mean around 30% or more sometimes) thanks.
  2. I also experienced uTP connections disconnecting a lot, but its not such a big problem when there are plenty of seeders coz they reconnect/connect to other peer quickly. Wierd tho, i like to check how stable my download speed is, by that i mean if theres one fast seeder or my per torrent connections are maxed out. When there's only 1 or 2 fast seeders I cant really get a stable high speed. Other than that I came to the forums just to say how great uTP is, and that my speedlimit issues were fixed a few builds ago. Great job, thanks!
  3. haha thank you the meaning of bitfield wasnt clear to me. thanks for showing how simple it is
  4. i know bt.transp_disposition settings are on a lot of pages but I cant find what im looking for. Ive been trying to play around with the bitfield but couldnt get this result: Incoming: uTP ONLY Outgoing: both uTP and TCP Can some1 help with this? ( 1.9 alpha 14981 thats why i post here) Thank you
  5. i can't enable DHT or peer changing in 1.8.3 nor 1.9. Tried globaly too, its enabled in options but in tracker list it says its disabled Thank you
  6. i did try the build but didnt know about that option, thank you, this answers my question. now is there anything like that for incomings? thanks for quick and constructive replies. OK i found the info its "bt.transp_disposition 10" for uTP connections only in 1.9
  7. i read that and i was just wondering if uTP can help me since my problem is NOT throttling, their limitations seem to be based on protocol not port. My question still stands, whether you think it helps me or not, can you enable uTP connections ONLY?
  8. this might be a stupid question, but im gonna go for it anyway : is there a way to enable ONLY uTP connections? since my ISP seems to manipulate tcp connections and as soon as Im connected to a tcp peer my bandwidth is lowered. Thank you