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  1. I use utorrent on an unraid server by a user created plugin who is now not active. I am attempting to update the plugin and have successfully got it to download and install this latest 3.3 version. Part of the plugin is that it does a version check by downloading and taring the file, grepping for a file version and comparing it to the version installed. the code for this is: #wget -q -O linux http://download-new.utorrent.com/endpoint/utserver/os/linux-i386-debian-6-0/track/beta/ #VERSION="$(cat linux | grep maindownloadtitle | awk -F'[()]' '{print $2}')" #echo "Current Version $VERSION" #sleep 2 #STABLE="$(cat linux | grep -o http://[^[]*.tar.gz | head -1)" #echo "Downloading $STABLE" #sleep 2 #rm linux At the moment i have simply changed the download location and commented out this check, but: With the new versions (and i believe for a while now) the plugin cannot find the version number correctly. Is there a particular place/notation that the grep could search for and show a result? VERSION="$(cat linux | grep maindownloadtitle | awk -F'[()]' '{print $2}')" Thanks for your help