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  1. I just noticed tonight that with 15104 the "Alternate upload speed when not downloading" feature appears to no longer have any effect.
  2. Yeah, it's working great for me at 13. @Chaosu - Sounds like 15 isn't working for you... I'm curious... What does it do at 13? 5? I also found it necessary to stop all my torrents (to initiate the new connections) after changing bt.transp_disposition.
  3. bt.transp_disposition at 13 works great with 14809. With bt.transp_disposition set at 15 I get a lot of uTP connections established, but upload drops way off still. This may be coincidence, but I did notice that eventually my upload did increase to my full allotment, but the peers I were uploading to were all non-uT clients (no uTP connection). If a uTP connected client worked its way in to get sent a piece (U flag), the upload speed would tank for all peers until the uTP peer gets choked (u flag) again. My router is a D-Link DGL-4300.
  4. Confirmed, 14809 fixed my upload issues with bt.transp_disposition=13. Curious, what was the fix? I'm starting testing with 15.
  5. Ultima- Let me jump in on that too. To answer your questions, yes and N/A (no software firewall). uPnP is disabled. I had success setting bt.transp_disposition to 13 or 15 a couple of times. Once, I closed µT for gaming, and when I finished and reloaded it, upstream and downstream transfer speeds were fluctuating wildly, and well below what should be considered normal (or acceptable). Upon setting bt.transp_disposition to 5, everything returned to "normal". I'm having difficultly reliably recreating success or failure at bt.transp_disposition=13/15 simply because, I have no idea what I did differently, if anything. On another occurrence, I noticed that upload speeds were tanking at regular intervals, then return to the full limit. The speed graph looked like a sawtooth pattern. I have been unable to recreate that event, either. Basically, I'm not sure what's going on. Regards
  6. I ran 14755 all day and it is working great for me provided I set bt.transp_disposition to 5. At 13 I see the ~0kbps uploads with occasional short bump ups that others have noted. Also, the memory leak(s) have not shown up with this build. Thanks for the hard work.
  7. 14659 is stable for me with bt.transp_disposition = 5. It is not with bt.transp_disposition = default.
  8. I'm seeing the same thing as SoLoR with the upload speeds, but I don't have the large amount of connections and/or torrents seeding. edit: using XP SP3.