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  1. I just upgraded yesterday evening(was using build ~30250 for quite some time), today i decided to download like 4 torrents.... And my DL speed stuck around 1mb/s(of a total 6 possible with my connection), then i found that my browsing is extremely slow and speedtest shows ping ~960 with around 0,08mbit/s dl and 0,11mbit/s ul... I shut down uTorrent, and got 1ms ping with my 70mbit connection back. The question is... i think you can guess the question. That looks like my router is flooded, but i had no such problem with that previous build.
  2. Updated to 1.9 alpha 14659 as the dev's asked in 1.8.3 thread. It works good for 2 hours already with bt.transp_disposition=255, no weight gaining spotted uT now: Private Bytes ~ 80Mb's, Working Set ~ 55Mb's, Virtual Size ~ 261 in proc. exp. I have ~500 torrents active now, bt.allow_same_ip=true, bt.multiscrape=false, bt.scrape_stopped=true(our local torrent won't support scrape, so i am too ), that's all i think. Had a leak in 1.8.3 but this one seems fine to me. Except the download shown around ~14kbyte\s when i'm only uploading, not downloading anything.
  3. Got a memory leak from 1.8.2(uTorrent was growing to 500+ mb's in memory + up to 2,6Gb in page file), yesterday got a 1.8.3 update, and the things went even worse. uT grows faster and stops responding very soon. ProcessExplorer shows only Microsoft Corp. signed dll's in uT, and some .nls files. Got my system checked with AVZ tool and found no problems. Will now try going back to 1.8.1 to check if it's my drivers\system\anything else fault, cos 1.8.1 worked perfectly fine for me. after 3 hours: 1.8.1 is much better. It eats around 22Mb's of ram and it now shows 800+ Mb's of swap on my HDD used(this is too much too, it was around 300MB's with my previous windows installation, will check about it). But 1.8.1 is difinitely all right cos it has no tendency to infinitely expand the memory consumption over time.