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  1. Does utorrent understand all firewalls? I ask because I use Comodo and I always get the message: [...timestamp...] Error opening Windows firewall: 0x80070005 Access is denied.
  2. I have two problems with this beta: 1. can no longer recover the utorrent window when it has been minimized. Hovering over the icon in the systray gets the popup "utorrent 1.83 beta // x(x) downloading, x(x) seeding // 1.0 kB/s down, 0.7 kB/s up" 2, previously mentioned memory leak. utorrent has virtual size 2,056,384 K and working set 1,957,296 K. I have Windows Home Premium x64, 8 GB mem. Since I can no longer control it via the interface, I am killing it and rolling back to the previous version.