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  1. Tried it, made no difference. Then it started crashing every time went back to stable.
  2. I've also had some of the same issues as Medio (post #12) had, and sometimes it's come up with past files or folder names as well (maybe once in 30) Had it twice (when using a magnet) rename the torrent, and the file to match the directory's name, with no extension (which means they end up fighting each other over pieces) The M: drive is my default download location. the rest are some of the entries it's created.
  3. ok, when a new torrent was added, it got assigned queue position 1
  4. Got an issue with the queuing. I did some partial downloads, and then when it went to seeding I restarted the rest of the files. It never re-assigned it a new queue slot. Vista 64, build 27295
  5. Not really. Paranoid much? KAT has big problems with malware adverts. And neither the gov or your ISP is watching you. That's an urban myth put around by 'private' tracker admins to drive people to their sites so they can make money. It's just not true.
  6. Speed graphs are STILL incredibly hard to read, because of the light/white background (the white tends to overpower the colours a lot, especially for those who have less than optimal eyesight. I can't make out the 'upload rate with overhead' line, for instance.
  7. Might have something to do with them shutting it down 18 months ago....
  8. Ok, errors with 25345 Hitting stream on large (2+gb) torrents within the first few minutes causes the client to lock up. On restart, the data is gone, as is the torrent file Speed graph is STILL mostly unreadable because of that horrific white background. You've got UI guys, they should know that white backgrounds make for terrible graphs because of the contrast issue.
  9. Ok, can do. Also, is the speedgraph meant to havea white background? http://db.tt/aww3to1
  10. My understanding is that they have already hired UI designers, and that 3.0 is the results of their work. Believe it or not, the iconset in this beta, is better than the icons in the alphas for the past few weeks.
  11. Must be. Because I did some screenshots just last week, where the old behavour was in place. Having the category window closed, and only one label selected is my prefered layout. When I upgrade, it goes back to showing all, with the category window. Thus, I have to reset it each time. I'd have noticed if this 'wasn't new'. You're basically promoting an 'ignorance first' design aethetic, which isn't a good route to go down. If you MUST go down it, why not take a clue from Vuze, and have 'beginner' and 'advanced' modes. beginner can behave as you seem to like, and even block access to the advanced settings (which as you and I have both seen over the last 5-6 years, is a much greater source of problems, than someone not remembering to press F7.
  12. This is intentional (and not a new change at all)' date=' so you never get stuck in another view with the sidebar disabled.[/quote'] I don't think anyone was ever really 'stuck' (Unless you can point me to some examples). I don't like the side bar, I don't need the side bar. It's a waste of space. Only sometimes will I even use labels, and when I do, it's for the EXPRESS purpose of handling things like screen-shots and videos, where I don't have lots of torrents cluttering things up. I don't often say this, but the decision is stupid. Really, REALLY stupid, with a capital 'Stup' And if it's not new, then how come this is the first I've seen of it? Considering it's my default setup, i'd notice it right away.
  13. There's also some kind of massive memory hole in 25317. When rechecking a 6.7Gb torrent, it used up all my ram (all 6Gb) by around the 2/3 complete point. The system then grinds to a halt as it tried to clear everything else out of ram. Just to be certain, I tried it 3 times. Because I'd let the second time go for a while, I think 3 was slower to go. It has really been thrashing my hdd. After I gave it a little time to calm down, I tried rechecking a 300mb file. It has a small response (marked as 4) I had process explorer running the whole time, and got a nice capture here (with the runs marked). It also shows the utorrent process, but it doesn't seem to register on that (you can match them with the IO bytes graph.)
  14. And the cateogry is still reverting to 'all torrents' even if i only select a label when i hit F7 to close the sidebar. It's REALLY annoying.
  15. Yeah, I've been getting that too. I *think* I solved the graphical problems too, by killing my multiple monitor manager (ultramon), which sucks. This new version really is bad. Oh, and I don't have the categories open (I like the old 0.x layout, so I don't like the movement of the files tab either) but every time I select a category, and hit F7 to close that sidebar, it goes back to 'all torrents'