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  1. Thanks for the response. As for #1, it did happen, with multiple torrents (at least 2-3). As for #2, why not let the computer running uTorrent decide what is to be the default path? BTW, I did a little more searching and was able to get my files moved around to their proper locations.
  2. I found 2 possible bugs in WebUI v0.361: 1) When I removed a torrent via WebUI, it was not removed from the display. In fact, at one point there were two torrents with the same number. I confirmed later that uTorrent (v1.8.2) had actually removed the torrent. 2) Adding torrents worked fine, except that there was no popup dialog that would allow me to set the destination path, etc. I presume this is how it is supposed to work, is it? I found later that torrents were being added with the destination path set to my user directory (C:\Documents and Settings\Username\) instead of defaulting to "C:\Documents and Settings\Username\My Documents\Downloads\." If no popup dialog, at least they should default to the same place. Because of the second issue, I would like to be able to move the data back into the Downloads directory, where it belongs - is there any way to do this? I am running Vista/MSIE8rc1 (compatibility mode) on my laptop where I was using the webUI, XP-MCEsp3 where uTorrent is running. BTW, you should check for compatibility with MSIE8 because there were some display issues - that is why I had to run in compatibility mode. I would have submitted this at the WebUI Trac, but the link to it ( appears to be broken (404 error). Thanks...