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  1. 2.2.1 build 24796 When I double click on a torrent instead of showing the files from the main folder, if there are any sub-folders it shows the files from a sub-folder.
  2. Yes, I can confirm this... happened to me, too.
  3. The new "round" program icon looks awesome, imo. I guess it's a matter of taste.
  4. rafi, my connection is (from speedtest) dl: 90Mb/s, up: 50Mb/s and I don't need to limit my dl or up. And as I already said RC4 worked just fine with the same uT settings.
  5. The latest beta is choking my network as soon as I start downloading something in uT. I didn't have this problem with RC4. The scenario is as following: I'm connecting through a PPPoE protocol, start dling something in uT, I max out my connection in 10-15 seconds, then speeds drop almost to 0 and practically my internet connection is killed (uT, but also for browsing). I disconnect and reconnect again to the network (without shutting down the uT) and the second time all is good, no more choking. RC4 worked just fine for me. I'm on a fiberlink connection, win 7 Premium x86, default settings for uT except 'bt.tcp_rate_control' and 'net.calc_overhead' to false.
  6. Thank you for answering. I was in a bit of a hurry when I posted, so I'll make the necessary corrections now. My line is Fiberlink 1Gbps (dynamic IP), capped by the ISP at 50Mbps, but sometime I can connect to IPs that allow 100Mbps, so I usually have around 10-11 MB/s dl/up when using uT. Of course, my hard disk is SATA II (3Gb/s) and not SATA III. As about your suggestions, I'll give them a try and post the results here. Thanks again for helping me, really appreciate.
  7. Thank you Switeck for this excellent speed guide. Considering that until now I had no "speed problems" while I used uT 1.8.2, I recently upgraded to 2.0 and I noticed a slightly decrease of uploading speed. After few tests I noticed that for a same download speed on a torrent (private tracker): - with uT1.8.2, I had ~ 8 or maxim 10 MB/s - with uT2.0, I had ~ 5 or maxim 6 MB/s using the same (default) advanced options/settings. My question is: with the new utp protocol are there any new options/settings (like for ex. et.calc_overhead) I should pay attention or should I use the default settings? My home connection is gigabyte fiberlink and I'm using win7 as operating system on a core duo E6320 with 4GB RAM, 250GB WD SATA3 7200rpm.
  8. Hi, So, if I want to take full advantage of my upload bandwidth (I have a 50Mb/s symmetrical line and I'm not really interested in my download speed) what would be the optimal settings for me? Thank you for answering.