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  1. It isn't corrected in 3.1.2 http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=631024#p631024 & http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=631032#p631032
  2. Firon XP_SP3 C:\Program Files\uTorrent and %appdata%\uTorrent - Dumps weren't created
  3. isp.peer_policy_url - crash Magnet URI (&fl=.....) - crash
  4. What correct format of the reference isp.fqdn ? peers : broadband-178-140-34-111.nationalcablenetworks.ru:35691 c28xx-gi01-dotq2.dn.velton.ua:48694 port-127-adslby-pool-109-232-113.infonet.by:14355
  5. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5f93d7f8bac50820b6f1678e9cb9189c23a3f29d&fl=http://d.rutor.org/download/164811 It is loaded torrent urn:btih:5E59A68ED6EE3FCDDCC27A68FB021E6FCF999678
  6. It is impossible to load torrent fl doesn't work [2012-01-14 17:39:05] Unable to load "utt1E2.tmp": Matches torrent being deleted!
  7. How to use fl in magnet URI ? http://.............torrent doesn't work
  8. Firon, This feature will help in situations of forbidding torrent downloads via fake DHT table (there is real working situation, visit http://piratepay.ru/en - the page one of such program vendors) In this situations default "http://peerpolicy.local/announce.xml" will help to gain necessary speed.
  9. Firon , AdamK , DreadWingKnight , Ultima , Greg Hazel , arvid Our community not understanding your policy to forbid automatic isp.peer_policy_url updates from default value. This option is allowing to achieve better speed and availability for local peers. By using this option nobody can restrict download/upload operation, and we are not interested in such actions. Our target is to gain highest possible speeds in different network layouts.
  10. Firon , AdamK , DreadWingKnight , Ultima , Greg Hazel , arvid Hello! We are from Russian ISP community http://forum.nag.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=70838&st=0 and have some suggestions about peer policy usage: Because of complicated network design of some ISP's usage of bep22 option will return unsatisfying results. We offer to use http://peerpolicy.local/announce.xml as default isp.peer_policy_url variable. If network design is not allowing to use bep22 correctly, this default will guarantee utorrent to access peer policy file on certain ISPs. Please show example of using bep22 option to show correct usage of isp.peer_policy_url with bep22, if client able to fill isp.peer_policy_url from bep22 lookups
  11. Firon , AdamK , DreadWingKnight , tell how to use : isp.fqdn isp.primary_dns isp.secondary_dns isp.peer_policy_override http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=63921
  12. It is a priority IP loсal LAN ? How to use? How to adjust?
  13. Ratings - it is a chat between peers ? If yes, doesn't work
  14. hjhjhj


    How to make the list of logos on IP ? There is an open project on the Internet http://www.assembla.com/wiki/show/customlocations-greylink Here its database http://dc.sdims.ru/cl/repo/customlocations.zip How it is possible to attach it to utorrent? What changes are necessary in flags.conf?