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  1. One software I have used previously I recently remembered when dropeed a .torrent then drop torrent data on it's UI it would check torrent against the data see see if exact and report all differences found. Since such software can verify and even make sure data is even if part correct is correct this solution is nearly there. I do remember it could make better those torrents that left a lot of output text files (if use this version you need this torrent client version etc) padded files I think they are called. From memory could even check partial data and if any unheeded data was present would cut that away and save data to another location. So that is near a total rebuild ability. I did test it for rebuild and remember if data had same folder structure and file names as torrent had it would be ok and verify. But if folder structure or file names were not correct then it couldn't rebuild. If you know of this software a link would be helpful but more over maybe someone can analyse it and make it better. By been able to look at any data as the tool can do but rebuild the file found to same .torrent folder and file s with names corrected. So when you say it is not possible this tool was 99% there and could do it all except not rebuild to folder structure and rename. That I would think would be the easy part to fix if know of the software. I think I found it on an old file site or maybe a free ftp maybe both long gone. Hopefully not the software I remember the name had Check in it full name I cannot remember. @ ciaobaby 'Try scratching your left elbow with your left hand Double jointed people that their limbs could do that Do you think people would prefer you SHOUTING or highlight as Shouting in your posts !
  2. hash split between one or more files so if nothing can make sense of it all is lost. Though computers are made to such tasks. Since clients and other software's can un-jumble the hash mess ( when not 0123abc, ordered) to show all folders and files structure. It's an idea better to leave it at that. Who knows maybe someone has an idea from this thread that could become this. who knows what may happen ! as the saying goes anything is possible, nothing is impossible !
  3. Torrent Loader Able to parse a .torrent file Shows files and folder structure size sha1 for all files and folders Which is all that is need to rebuild * By rebuild I mean 'Someone's Original data' the Files and folder structure from a .torrent file Not the actual .torrent file itself Someone's Original data ./ABC (folder)/With lots of XYZ (Data) Someone uses client or a tool to make .torrent file from the folder above with lots of XYZ data within it A Rebuild Tool 1. Input .torrent File 2. Rebuild Tool Parses the .torrent file for all files and folders structure and the sha1 for each of those 3. User selects a folder or a drive for Rebuild Tool to search. To see if it can find any of those files from using each sha1 hashsum and each file size. 4. Any files Rebuild Tool find and matches exactly sha1 and file size. Rebuilds as much as possible of each file as much since maybe file found contains only % of the exact data. 5. With that % found data is rebuilt to same structure. Rename files and make folders in a destination location (another drive). Could be also seen useful for those people that have only limited bandwidth each month. Able to join a torrent at higher % if already have some of the data. Or another use someone puts up a .torrent and later adds more data but file names and folder structure is now different. Use Rebuild tool to correct File names and folder structure and able to update with new torrent using the files you already have. After downloading update able to seed 100% of the full torrent data. Many uses I can see but first we need a Rebuild Tool to do this. Hope it is clear. I leave this now as is hopefully someone will see exactly how I see it. And figure if at all possible able to make it happen. Will keep a look over at maybe someone makes this tool and post it there for everyone to find and use it.
  4. As a .torrent file can be fully parsed for all information for rebuild or partial rebuild (depending on original files the user may have, sometimes none). Since the .torrent has all the info needed (the file and folder structure and knows sha1 for verifying). That using a torrent we could check against files we have and rebuild the file and folder structure *only* using sha1 as is better than crc32 and maybe md5 so only correct files are rebuilt to file and folder as each .torrent needs with full renaming same as the .torrrent files and folders. Original source files are always left as is never harmed or deleted. We simply give such tool the torrent from that it knows what files and sha1 for them are need to rebuild to another destination. Reason for this I find sometimes but not knowing unless manually do the above which can take some time to do. Manually copy files, change names to torrent ones same for folders and use torrent check to verify how many are correct. If I can do this manually sure a tool could exist to do it far easier for us. It is what computers are good at doing things quicker than humans. clrmamepro and romvault was a reference that computers can rebuild given a .dat file for us would be a torrent. Given that Torrent loader and other such tools can let us already see the torrent contents and details.Including file names, file and folder structure is an easy way to see that this could be possible. All we need is a tool to parse same as those tools and rebuild to what those tools know. Shouldn't be to hard for someone to do. After all it won't make torrents bad given amount of checking if used sha1, md5 and crc32 and others which ever are the best and maintain integrity. I write further for this in case you or other didn't understand how easy it could be to make such helpful tool for us to use. Hope there is enough detail in here for you or others to make this possible, will keep an eye over at Sourceforge for this. Have a name with torrent in it, something like torrent rebuilder or to make finding such tool easy for everyone
  5. Have had on the list for a few months a few torrents that no longer have seeders but many peers at over half % of the torrent on or two 80% and 90% One of these was an easy fix to make seed status though hadn't realise previously. Remastered thing it was those extra tracks. If had realised I would not have bothered with it to start with. Anyway located non torrent of these things complete and easily made the torrent to seed status. So now other have completed this torrent and all are now seeding it. Now have all these other old torrents on the list that maybe could be made good or near enough to 90% or higher or to seed status. ClrMamePro and RomVault use .dat files though for torrent we need similar tools for .torrent files. if had something something for torrent like ClrMamePro or RomVault. Where can input .torrent point to folder of files and see if it can make the difference by checking with (all these at once) sha1, crc32, md5 to be sure of correct data and maintain torrent integrity. Someone who knows what these tools do know of the same type of tools for .torrent files. Even could be more use where you know you have a greater percentage of the torrent. But file names and structure are incorrect. Tools like ClrMamePro and RomVault can easily while checking rename and rebuild folder structure. If nothing is known is anyone considering making such tool that would be useful to have for .torrent use. ClrMamePro RomVault
  6. 4 hours is what I remember for sure. Because of a default option change from 1.x->2.x: graceful shut down off->on If the option is on, ut takes a long time shutting down, greeting to every known peer, saying goodbye, exchanging gifts, etc. Well it's polite but the process takes time. You could turn it off in advanced option. ut should close in seconds. Agree more so if dht turned for any torrent since they will take forever to go goodbye. I normally pause torrents when are zero or <>1 then close utorrent. Even then will wait a few minutes in case any last dat has uploaded. For dht if you close your client look at the connection in tray, connection panel or other see the continued activity goes on for ages. That is how long they take to end and some don't for a good while. If you disconnect the router and disconnect the phone line for a few minutes then reconnect them. Your connection will back ok again if have non static ip. Now visit browse a site or two and download a file then close the browser, how much activity do you see 'non'. Or look at connection log or use a tool and see the dht connections not end after close utorrent client, may also be the same with other utorrent clients. I do have graceful shut down set as true but don't see it take that long and all is ok next utorrent start. Maybe it is the way you close down without pausing or stopping clients is the reason it could be taking so long! This is OT and should be moved with the other posts to a new post or deleted
  7. Not just bloatware but many useless things even the ui changed for the worse. A trustworthy reliable utorrent client without crapware and other rubbish modifications no slowdown nothing works as you would expect a torrent client to work. This version should be the benchmark to build a new client upon. Fix any bugs disk cache I/O, magnet add, no need for recheck on restart where client turned of when torrents were paused, and others etc and there you have it fully working minimal utorrent client we all need. I did say don't mess with the ui. It makes sense to base new build from
  8. So don't do that... Separate the two' date=' at different sides. You can make it show up/close *only* if a user presses control-F ... or always show it... with an UI option, so if you feel it is ugly - always hide it ... To me - it is uglier where it is right now... That looks kinda nice! I'll send your pic to the designers. If it is the one on the middle able stretch it sideways and remember would be nice. Then able see view all entered search at same time, wider for use with wildcard searching.
  9. Not where you suggest since many would not even think of that since is web search. The other side of the magnifier maybe better. Then only appears when adding torrent and with files tab maybe others, rest of time is not there. Wild Card supported would help also if could define Something|.RAR|-.ZIP|Something_more|-Something_else would search and highlight all those at once even better if could use - such as done with -.ZIP and -Something_else.
  10. Test drive it in latest 3.3... soon to appear in 3.2.2 ' date=' so I hope...[/quote'] danei mentioned this nice idea
  11. Breaking Bad wow hope the networks don't stop this one as they do all other good programs.
  12. v2.0.4.22150 It works great and is nice lightweight client for my needs. have tried many including v1.7.7 that many people use, I just couldn't get on with it. Would be nice to have the bugs for v2.0.4.22150 fixed in line with current UT. But remains lightweight no bloat and advertisements etc. It is sad we use the older version, it is nice you recognise this with hope make a super lightweight modern UT for us. Kept up to date in line with main UT. Of course needs not to be said, or maybe once more please no bloat and advertisements added as in newer versions. Since this is why we use these old versions
  13. Haven't read all the posts and I can guess they are all the same NO ADVERTISEMENTS in utorrent. We have old versions to use though I guess many are or will look elsewhere instead. Interesting time for torrent clients. Where even the mighty commit suicide and how often that is never done. Except in times of duress. uTorrent are you sure there isn't a dark mole in your camp over time persuading you to go this route. As Victor Meldrew (rip) would say I Just Can't Believe It ! No problem not a biggie as such always old clients other clients, your choice
  14. An ancient bug in utorrent found maybe ? Two ways to close one works (so poster says) the other doesn't. The other is the way 99% use utorrent, sounds like a bug if proven what the poster has written.