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  1. Hi, Just a note that Neowin is saying this RC is a stable release. Regards,
  2. Test-driving v2.2.1 build 25113 . Thanks to the Devs and all involved for your efforts. Help file does work, there does not seem to be any issues to report at this time.
  3. I see, thanks Firon, I wasn't quite aware of the changing of build numbers so frequently, etc. Until there is something substantial, I shall stay @ where I am. Cheers,
  4. Thanks, Firon, I find myself at v. from your primary download link. Shall this be used as current, or ?
  5. is what I am still running, while I have not read this extensive thread, I would assume it is the current build ?
  6. I appreciate the note as I will not have to edit my announcement posts elsewhere. It would appear much has gone into this release, Kudos to the Dev Team.
  7. Is this an RC or a final ? I'm not quite clear as I would like to install as soon as possible and I have announced this elsewhere. Thanks