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    WebUI v0.315

    @davidt18: check the whole thread from start.
  2. YoaR

    WebUI v0.315

    I've tried the web interface with a just-created firefox profile and i still got this same problem http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=209109#p209109 so the bug is not by an extension conflict. Using Firefox under Linux.
  3. YoaR

    WebUI v0.315

    Hi all. I'm testing WebUI under Firefox and all seems to be working but the search box is missing:
  4. Hi there. I've two computers at home, one of them has µtorrent installed. I could test webui from the other computer (linux + firefox and konqueror) and also from my university (windowsxp, 2k with ie and firefox). cya.