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  1. Ok! Am I alone on this? After updating to 19248 i see a HUGE increase in "disk overloaded 100%" time while starting to download new torrents with huge size (for ex. Blu-Rays). On previous builds disk overloaded times were way shorter. Right now my 45GB torrend overloaded a disk by 100% and it keeps overloaded for 10 min already. EDIT: Ok, overloading has ended. So basically after windows cache bypass i see an increased by 2x times data writing process on HDD.
  2. Hmm.. Really, I don't know what to say more on that here.. 2.01 doesnt run - system runs stable, 57% physical memory free 2.01 has started, more than 100 seeds, some leechs - system becomes unresponsive in an hour, 100% memory consumption, overall system performance goes to nothing, lags, programs starting for ages, cant work - usual symptoms of a memory eating process! killed 2.01 process - system gets back to normal! Period! Doesnt have anything more to add! No, really, im not seeing a performance issue here, not at all. Just a whole god damn memory eating process! Do you have more serious questions, Firon, please?
  3. Firon, if it wouldn't actually affect performance, I wouldn't write here on this! Again, I haven't had ANY issues with "windows system cache" on 2.0 causing the system to leak all availiable memory without flushing. On 2.01 i have this issue and thats why I do care! After I shut down utorrent app/process - it frees 50% memory instantly.. and the system gets back to normal. I thought I would use 2.01's new fixed bandw manager finally, but I'm going now to install 2.0 back and disable this thing again.
  4. I don't get it ppl. Why offense "newuzer"? No1 sees my message? I wrote that I'm experiencing the exact same behaviour of 201. That didnt happen on 200. I have 4GB memory/Win7x64 and NO 3rd party sec software (i use MS Security Essentials). So what should I check about your "probably broken security software" suggestion, Firon, if I don't have any? I'm going to run Process Explorer right now and wait till the issue occurs. Edit: Ok, the memory consumption rased from 60% to 98%, but I don't see any process "eating" that much of memory in PrEx. There's definitely a leak, but how to identify where...
  5. Well, I can confirm memory leak problem in 2.0.1 stable on Windows 7 x64. It occures after a short time and consumes all availiable memory making system unusable. Previous stable build 2.0.0 doesnt have any problems. Sry, didnt do any additional researches. Doesnt have any AV soft installed except Microsoft Security Essentials, but again prev build works fine.