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  1. I found a bug When i use superseeding de connection to a azareus client will fail after 10 - 15seconds When i use seeding its no problem , i can upload 150kB/s for hours to the Azereus client. I dont know if the encryptie and superseed mode can work together? Azareus was a 2307 My 418 was enabled always without legacy
  2. @alcoholjunkie wrote: People who get throttled totally should uncheck the legacy connection checkbox and have Encryption always on. People who aren't throttled should just leave the settings alone (disabled for outgoing) and make sure they can accept incoming connections. My isp is shaping in en outgoing connections So clients who disable encryption can not give me full speed or cant connect at all if i turn off legacy connections So everybody have to enable it. Am i wright? Grts Blimmel
  3. 418 version works fine with pe Connecting is ok also Grts Blimmel