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  1. @ Dr. Grip: I lied a bit. The 100% CPU issue came back, though it only seems to happen intermittently now. My connectivity is consistently red, though I've been getting up to 100 kb/s download speeds, probably due to a really close peer (am I right about this?). It seems like when I've got a fairly good download speed going for whatever reason, utorrent functions normally and doesn't use a lot of resources, but when I'm getting terrible dl speeds it starts to ramp up the CPU usage. I can't be sure though as I don't watch my torrent speeds 24/7.
  2. I was getting the 100% CPU usage problem with, but after deleting the old .dat and .plist files, as per the trouble-shooting guide posted by the moderators, that problem cleared up. I just copied and pasted the code into the terminal and pressed enter after each line. If that doesn't work, I would also try appzapping and reinstalling utorrent. I still can't get a green light on connectivity, but that might also be a problem with my router (linksys WRT54G). If anyone knows of a thread dealing with a mac user trying to port forward on this router and could point me to it, it would be greatly appreciated.