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  1. Just a little hello and a BIG Thanks ... keep the good work ;-) PeerClients µTorrent 42% ( 1400 15% 1500 55% 1600 30% ) Azu 16% BitC 25% Others 17%
  2. 'Bugmenot' you don't even register or respect the rules so go back where you started ... Legumo i feel pain because you lose my consideration and you look now pathetic and obviously paranoid. I suspect you are doing illegal things ... like bugmenot users ;-) Your badly argue about Malware so don't say you trust Ludde anymore ... Obviously you know nothing about "Tiger" and Java, a technology developed by Sun Microsystems ( evil isn't it ? Sun Microsystems Sun, Inc. NASDAQ: SUNW is a vendor and headquartered on the west campus of Agnews Developmental Area in Santa Clara, California, which was formerly an asylum look @ wikipedia ;-) Even if i love free software & open source ( two different things ) i feel closed source is a respectable developper choice too. So use or use not it is your choice but don't complain ! Anyway I second all what Primus perfectly sum up before... nothing more to say ! I am voting for closing ( or at least moderating ) this thread now ... since it looks insane ;-) Btw I drop Java and Azureus long ago after being compromised ... many security flaws you know we live in a dangerous world ;-( lol Ice ;-)
  3. Next time let's talk about the "evil" transaction ( since bittorent is now "evil" huhg ) in DHT : IP address: Reverse DNS: btw DHT is not blocked at all by blocklist. ...if you really do illegal things don't use torrent anyway since PG2 is a pure 'basic' block list nothing block others protocols or unknow IPs ;-) Legal p2p law was voted in France... bad news ! sorry ;-)
  4. I saw the peerfactor deal yesterday morning before slyck's article and i was just thinking "Fine good deal for utorrent!" since P2P is actually focusing legal attention in France. We must think beyond ... i agree and i totally support µ ;-) Btw Slyck flamebait title "uTorrent Sign Six Month RetSpan Agreement" is not fair at all ...