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  1. Yeah I figured that out. I've given up on adding torrents through miniui and I can at least use it to check on stuff Thanks for the great app. VNC works good enough when I can find wifi, not sure if it'll work over 3g since I don't have it in my area, Edge is WAY TOO SLOW (Think dial-up speeds)
  2. Ultima, Sorry to bother you but I couldn't figure out if the forums supported a PM function so I thought I'd just bump this thread. I've easily gotten miniui to work on my iPhone. Here's where I'm having problems... Adding a torrent via URL either produces an invalid passkey or it won't add anything at all I can download the .torrent to my iPhone but mini doesn't allow me to browse to add it. Any help with either issue would be appreciated. I'd much rather download the torrent and add it through miniui if that's possible. Thanks Ultima! EDIT My problem seems to be with my passkeys. ANY help is appreciated.