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  1. schnurlos

    3.5.x Beta

    There's a new beta 45818 out. No updated changelog, but it seems that the BTFS (BitTorrent File System (BTFS)) with the BTT-system (BitTorrent Tokens) is going live (some changed text). Before it was just announced, now seems to start active.
  2. schnurlos


    Update with new flags.bmp too (newly added countries: BL (Saint-Barthélemy), MF (Saint-Martin) - both french outhorities. Now removed is TP (no entries, now is TL) and outdated is AN (still exisiting in the flags.conf). So please also update your flags.bmp with the new flags.conf! If you have done it corret the special "?" flag is now yellow on black. Update 2020-09-20: How to use / description:|FR|BD|PA|US|US|US|US|SE|SG
  3. schnurlos

    3.5.x Beta

    New Windows Beta-Version 3.5.5 build 45752 is out.
  4. schnurlos


    Update 2020-07-24: How to use / description:|PA|MY|BD|SE|US|RU|CA|FR|KN|IN|PA|KE|US|UY|US|NO
  5. schnurlos

    3.5.x Beta

    @mike, you magnet link is another version, not the 45730. The one in your signature is correct.
  6. It's out of the function of compressed files like .rar or .zip to have just parts of if. You need the whole .rar file to have a chance to uncompress the files/folders inside the .rar. If you just can get 20 of 97GB it seems to be a corrupted file as some or many other leechers just did as you do.
  7. schnurlos

    3.5.x Beta

    @devs: new text " Peers • *" fails to translate --> problem with the • sign. BTW, the exe indicates as beta, the changelog as stable?
  8. schnurlos

    3.5.x Beta

    New 3.5.5 utorrent-Beta, Build 45702 is available. No Changelog up to now ...
  9. schnurlos


    Hopefully fixed now. This version "2020-06-02 V220.h" will be the base for future updates.
  10. schnurlos


    That's already in the flags.conf ... and you can edit your previous posts too.|ES|FR|US|RU|US|AU|SE|US|PA|IT|RU
  11. schnurlos

    3.5.x Beta

    @mike: your magnet link seems not to work Seems to be solved now
  12. Hi, why you don't send me your file to compare the differences? Would be much easier ...

    1. HedgehogInTheCPP


      Hello. Honestly, I don’t know. Perhaps I thought that was not a big need. In addition, the update 2020-05-06 fixed a lot more than I described. I also see that many domains, for example * .org, do not work, and this is apparently an internal limitation of the client. Nevertheless, the list now works correctly for domains that are not in the list, but which can be added, a question mark is displayed.

    2. HedgehogInTheCPP


      I think that we need to motivate the client’s developers to add a full db-ip (geoip) database or any other database so that the client instantly reproachfully displays the country by IP address. For example, qBittorrent and Tixaty have database support and display the peer country instantly.

  13. schnurlos


    Update 2020-05-06: How to use / description: @IRainmain: thanks for pointing out some issues - I hope they're fixed now with the update. Update:|HK|BD|US|US|PA|UA|UA|BD|FR|BE|RU|IN|US|US|US|CH|US|ES|HK|NL|US|US|CA|FR|BR|US|CA|DE|US
  14. schnurlos

    3.5.x Beta

    There are builds which are downloadable when you know where to find them. Also not all builds are rolled out automatically to all users. Only the officially shown builds are for the mass - the ones f.e. found by mike are testbuilds. Feel free to use them - or not.
  15. schnurlos


    Update 2020-03-31: How to use / description: A lot new, not listed. Update:|HK|IN|US|CA|US|US|US|BD|FR|FR|US|ES|FR|FI|IT|TR|BD|FR|ES|GB|US|US|AR