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  1. Hi, why you don't send me your file to compare the differences? Would be much easier ...

    1. HedgehogInTheCPP


      Hello. Honestly, I don’t know. Perhaps I thought that was not a big need. In addition, the update 2020-05-06 fixed a lot more than I described. I also see that many domains, for example * .org, do not work, and this is apparently an internal limitation of the client. Nevertheless, the list now works correctly for domains that are not in the list, but which can be added, a question mark is displayed.

    2. HedgehogInTheCPP


      I think that we need to motivate the client’s developers to add a full db-ip (geoip) database or any other database so that the client instantly reproachfully displays the country by IP address. For example, qBittorrent and Tixaty have database support and display the peer country instantly.