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  1. since 1.8.3 (and till the latest 2.1), uTorrent is doing some kind of LDP/PEX on all available interfaces even if those options are strictly disabled in settings, so polluting a swarm with unneeded "external"-like peers and eating an expensive internet traffic if it's byte-charged. this makes 1.8.3+ completely unusable on private LAN-trackers, people on them are massively falling back to 1.8.2 or lower, and there is even a tendency to ban 1.8.3+ on such trackers for saving their residents from such problems. i've reported (and not just me, as search says) this bad behavior in "troubleshouting" several times (feared to give links again, because one brainless moderator definitely "loves" me much more than others ), but all of them was just leaved without the worthy answer. is there any plans to fix this problem in upcoming 2.0 release, or 1.8.2 will still a local-trackers-people destiny?
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