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  1. THANK YOU! This solved my issue and I can now use Opera Mini!!!
  2. Well, thats a bummer. Thanks for taking the time to help however. edit: Just to followup. I've tried the "BoltBrowser", and it also doesn't work
  3. Thanks for getting back to me. Sadly, even with no torrents in the list it still "times out". Like I said before, if I go to my PC's "home page" it works, but the miniui on the same PC doesn't. It does work from a PC browser however, so I know that its functional... Do you know where I could find an older build of Opera that might work? Thanks again!
  4. Hi, I'm a big fan of the WebUI, and I use it all the time. I recently got a Blackberry curve 8330 and decided I'd give the miniUI a go. I installed it, and it works from any PC browser, but not on my curve. I know the curve browser isn't supported, so I installed Opera Mini 4.2, but it just times out... I verified that Opera mini can get to my PC, as it was able to get to my "main page" where I link all my web services. Everything else works fine, but I can't get to the miniUI from Opera mini. Any ideas?