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  1. The new website has gone live, but there's still no way to sort skins by date
  2. My specific beef with the official client would be lack of lazy bitfield, which I need to seed over my connection. Good to hear that uTorrent on Wine is coming along
  3. Upload your image to ImageShack or some other host, and copy-paste one of the lines they give you into your post. (make sure to Preview your post to see if it works; If not, try a different line)
  4. I kinda like this idea Also, the hummingbirds do look neat
  5. Not bad... Still favoring the flat green guy, but hummingbird sounds interesting.
  6. He said that he liked the tribal guy a couple pages back...
  7. I stand by the simple flat version. *nods*
  8. Still favoring the tribal thingy...
  9. Shrill's icon being shades of green only doesn't bother me.
  10. Hmm, cute One little thing, though... I think the eye on the left is slightly obscured. It doesn't fade from white to green quite as smoothly on the right edge:
  11. Perhaps a cow? As in mootorrent
  12. Well, I guess it is a lawsuit waiting to happen... -_-'
  13. Heh heh... Surprisingly, I did some more stuff with the shuffle. Something funny occurred to me while I was playing with it... the long crossed arrows are supposed to look kinda like µ, for the µTorrent client, and the short arrow should look like T, for torrent. This is why I originally had the µ green and the T blue. But when you really look at the picture, it's just the opposite: The long arrows represent the flowing torrent data, while the short arrow is the µTorrent client. The imagery isn't self-consistent... ^_^' But anyway, I decided to swap the colors so that the "starting" arrow is green, and the flowing torrent data is blue. Seems to make more sense that way. The flat version kinda loses the µ and T appearance, but I'll just toss it on the pile anyway. (It's actually not the base image I use for the tilted version, btw)
  14. Hmm, I like the tadpole and hummingbird suggestions