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  1. Version 1.8.5 build 17091 works under Windows98se. Version 1.8.5 build 17414 does NOT. Error msg: Requires new OS or something like that
  2. Seyss: I had the same problem with 1.83 and now I believe in my case its a overheat problem. Do you use wireless? Check this: Good luck
  3. Logically thinking and speaking from 15728 to 15772, it is a difference of 44 (whatever: points, numbers). In every normal guys mind , it means, there were about 44 changes (for better or for worse). Now you guys wanna tell me, we made only 1 (ONE) change. Every half year an upgrade should be about enough.
  4. using 1.8.3 beta 15289 Windows 98SE 1 GHz Gateway 512MB 40GB HD I have noticed , when I close utorrent , usually my computer stops responding, I have to restart. I believe, its not only the newest release behaving like that , but I can't say, when or which release is problematic. Amazingly uTorrent starts up fine, and works pretty good (occasionally got 200kB/sec Transfer rate), but I'm afraid to close the program. Anybody has any ideas? My suspicion is, it has something to do with the HD-writing of all the pieces in the D/L on Exit. Because, when I make "Pause all Torrents" and wait 1 minute or so, and then "Exit", it usually works fine without crashing the OS.