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  1. A fresh install works fine on Windows 7, I think its upgrading from an older version that doesn't work properly.
  2. * Looks like it, every peer in my list that supports uTP has the P flag, every peer that doesn't support it doesn't have the flag. * Yes, setting it to Automatic dynamically changes the upload limits based on traffic.....I have ran it on Automatic seeding a few high-traffic torrents for weeks now and I have not noticed any slowdown at all....infact if I run a speed test (while its set to automatic) I get my normal down/up speeds. Its not perfect though, I have found with it on automatic I have nearly twice the ping I typically do in online if your going to be gaming than impose a limit while you game (or simply pause them while you game) but on automatic you will practically never notice a difference in your internet browsing.
  3. Awesome feature, I have been reluctant to trying 1.9 out due to the previous ignoring of rate limits, but that has been fixed and I decided to try it. Setting my upload to unlimited (before I limited it to 50) it varies from my max upload (100-160KB/s) to anywhere lower, giving enough bandwidth to not bog down my network. Long story short, after running it all day at unlimited I have not noticed it running at all (in terms of browsing speed) and neither have the others on my network. "Install" the new version like normal, then take the installer exe and put it in the uTorrent install directory. Rename the old .exe to something like "uTorrent.exe.bak" just incase you wish to go back to the old version. Now rename the new exe (the one you just put into the uTorrent directory) to should work perfectly fine, thats how I managed to install it over 1.8.3 and it is working fine ATM.