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  1. Ok. Stupid me took away TCP/IP Optimizer after I patched... :/ Unfortunatly speedguide.net, the author of TCP/IP optimizer, seems to be down. I did find the software on http://www.majorgeeks.com ver. 2.03. Hopfully this is the same version that I used. I don't think I have any backed up .reg files. If I do, I would't know where... I do, on the other hand, have two file's called sg_backup_2006-02-10-1943.spg and FirstBackup.spg which I think was generated when patching TCPIP.sys with EViD..? Hopfully I'm able to restore all settings related to internet connection speed so that I can rule out that the slow upload is due to some settings I made, and simply ask my ISP to take care of the issue! What I'd really like to hear is 1c3d0g or some other network wizz tell me something like: "Nah man. If you just entered the propper values when patching, your issue is not caused by you. If you want to make sure though, try running this program and then call up you ISP and tell them to fix the problem." /tCm
  2. I'm having some speed problems. My upload is, according to the ISP deal, 400kbps. But, when running TCP test at various hours of the day, I only get 256-258kbps. I have notified my ISP as I believe the problem is with them. However, since I followed the mini guide and pached my TCP, I'd like to rule out this action as the couse of my problem. So, is there a way to un-patch my TCP? Or any other way to really make sure this could not be cousing my poor upload speed. (My download speed is just fine.) tHanKs, tCm
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