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  1. If the re-check doesn't declare them complete' date=' this statement is false.[/quote'] They're the exact same size for the exact same software. Last move Relocate file in unfinished torrent -> browse and select said finished files -> save -> then force recheck that unfinished torrent If this not work then the files are not identical even if you say it is My tips, force recheck the finished torrent too see if there are changes after recheck. Change to 99% usually cause by smaller file size in unfinished torrent.
  2. He said the files identical, I assume they are exact binary duplicate. The file name and path are for force recheck, wrong file name or wrong path or wrong binary dup result in 0 %, right file name and right path and right binary dup result in 100% (99% if there are other files)
  3. You can, just force recheck. Make sure filename and path is identical, relocate if needed. But that torrent with text file, if the text files wasnt downloaded, maybe not 100% finished after recheck because of missing pieces.