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  1. gah the 1.8.5 client is banned now.. :/
  2. What is the difference between 2.0 and 2.1? Why dont you guys put all your time and energy in one release?
  3. There is a problem for mIRC autodownload scripts (like in 1.8.3 before it was fixed).
  4. I think someone have changed Utorrent so the script dont work as i should. The script is working very good with the 1.8.2 but not the beta. So it has to be the beta.
  5. Where do i do that? :S I dont think the script is downloading the .torrents..
  6. Yes, the location is there and correct, and its working good with the 1.8.2 version. In IRC there is a announce bot. (08:46:57) (@**************) New Torrent Uploaded: (08:46:57) (@**************) Name....: ************************ (08:46:57) (@**************) Category: Movies/XViD (08:46:57) (@**************) Size....: 703.21 MB (08:46:57) (@**************) Pretime.: 52 secs (08:46:57) (@**************) URL.....: http://www.***************.org/details.php?id=102560&hit=1 And my script picks it up and start downloading the stuff without me doing anything. But in the beta, i always have to choose the location because something isn't right.
  7. I found a annoying bug that makes auto download impossible!! I'm using a autodownload script via mIRC and in the version 1.8.3 (build 15358) its not working because everytime it want to download i have to set the location where to put the download. And yes i have the right settings in Utorrent, but its not working anyway. Its working good in the stable 1.8.2 version. My settings: